Stroller Parents

It’s taken me awhile to write this post… I wanted to make sure I wasn’t writing a whole lot of hot-headed words I didn’t mean, just because I was irritated. I think this is actually a level-headed rant now, so read on. 

Remember Ava’s first trip to the zoo? It was a memorable experience for us, not only because it was Ava’s first time at the zoo, but also because I realized that stroller parents are a thing.

I can’t stress this enough, I was shocked at how rude, impatient, and aggressive stroller moms (mostly) and dads are. We were waiting patiently in a line of strollers to get to the front of the walrus window, so we could see one swim by, and as we were nearing the front, about three families rushed around us and took the spots that were there. I assumed they just didn’t see that we were waiting, so we tried to find another spot, and sure enough, it happened again. What. the. heck.

And then, you know how you’re driving along the road, and let’s say it’s a 2-lane highway. A car speeds up behind you and, although there’s no one in the other lane, they refuse to pass you, and instead insist on riding your tail?

Yeah, stroller parents.


I didn’t think the zoo was a race track, but apparently there’s no leisurely strolling allowed. I can’t tell you how many times we stopped and forced those in a hurry around us to avoid getting our heels clipped. 

Caleb and I were talking about it after the fact, and he was just as shocked as I was. Are people so intent on getting their child “the best” that they forfeit manners to do so? I mean, they could just be having a bad day, or their kid is annoying them, and I get that, but do they have to be rude to the rest of the world? Or are we just so laid back and non-aggressive that we will never really understand how or why people insist on getting their way first? Who knows. Never once did we hear an “excuse me”.

I sure hope they realize their kids are going to act the way their parents do. These parents could very well be raising a generation of “me first” children. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means. In fact, I mess up daily just as much as the next mom. But I do try to be aware of how I’m behaving because my child is observing me. I don’t want her learning my bad habits, and even more, I want her to grow up respecting others, and caring about other people rather than always thinking of herself. It’s a hard task, and I wonder how aware parents are of their actions sometimes.

People, please remember to be kind to other people, especially when your kids are present. You never know how being nice could make someone’s day, or reversely, how being rude and pushy can make a memorable trip memorable for the wrong reasons. End rant.

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…

…how about you, you, you?

Does anyone else remember that song? I had forgotten about it from my childhood, but was reminded when my mom started singing it last weekend. Last Saturday was Ava’s first trip to the zoo. It was really cool to see her look at all the different animals, and even funnier to see her look at all the people. You know how it is, you sometimes see a larger variety of people than animals!

She seemed to have a lot of fun, and didn’t become Grumpy Butt, despite her makeshift car nap on the way there.

When we arrived, we met up with our friends, their two kids, and the dad’s little brother, and headed straight to the aquarium. Now, we’ve taken Ava places before, and are pretty acquainted with navigating the stroller, but it’s a whole different ballpark when 1) the point of being there is so your kid can see stuff (it was almost pointless bringing the stroller… she was out of it more than in), and 2) there are 1,000,001 other parents with strollers going to the same exact fish tank window. Holy cow. That’s all I can say.

Ava didn’t really care about the fish… I’m not sure she really knew what she was looking at yet, and this was the first close-up with all those kids she was eyeing earlier. I took her out of her stroller, and tried to show her the fish, then the jelly fish, then the sea horses, but basically every kid around us was more exciting than them, so we didn’t linger long. And frankly, my friend’s two-yr-old was ready to move on within a few minutes as well, so it really worked out perfectly!

We stopped a little longer at the penguin exhibit. This was probably Ava’s favorite stop. You could see the penguins at eye level, and they were active so she paid attention to them. Then they would jump into the water, swim around, and pop back out. She laughed and talked to them for a bit, and then we moved on. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a play by play, this was about as excited as she got).

We moved on, and about 90 minutes, 20 animals, and 35 ins and outs of the stroller, we called it a day. It really was a great time, but I was ready to be done because of my #2 from above…

But that’s a rant for another day. I originally wanted to include it in this post, but it became a post of its own, and I wanted to keep this one focused on the happy event of Ava’s first zoo trip, not an irritated rant about pushy parents in public places.

Take a look at our day at the zoo! 
1.) The Indy Zoo has a dog shark exhibit, where you can actually pet these sharks. Here’s where Daddy was trying. Ava and I passed this time, though I have pet them before.
2.) Ava was chillin’ in her stroller, watching the seals.
3.) This Flamingo insisted on getting a close-up picture. It honestly made me a little nervous, but he was still far away, despite how it looks in the picture.
4.) The giraffe; the zoo keeper was feeding it, which Ava seemed more interested in than the giraffe itself.
5.) This one is for Grampa, who told Ava to say “hi” to the Rhinos for him. We waved.
6.) I thought this guy was pretty cool. Ava was more interested in her cheerios.

Zoo Collage

That’s it! We had a great time.

P.S. we are ONE WEEK away from Ava’s first birthday!