Baby Steps

I have some big news regarding our little Avie….


She’s walking!

I had a feeling that once she figured it out, it would be sayonara to crawling, and I was totally right.

Here’s how it happened:

Last Saturday morning, Caleb, Ava and I were all playing in her playroom, and she was just standing around. So Caleb moved her across the room from me, and told her to go see mama, and she totally wobbled across the room to me! Repeat this about 4 times, all trying to get it on video, and you have the next 20 minutes.

Then we changed things up a bit, and I prompted her with a toy fork (I alone was no longer exciting enough) and we caught her in the video above.

It was a great day. She is so proud of herself. And Ava has been walking ever since.

Oh, and that little personality is really blooming; she’s fascinated with her hair bows now, and says “ta-da” after I put one in her hair. She is absolutely precious.