Teething Sucks.

It’s 11:50pm as I start to write this, but I didn’t want to start the week off with no post! This week, due to the craziness that comes with a FIRST BIRTHDAY, I may not post daily. I’ll do my best but just giving fair warning!

We’ve had a rough couple of days with Ava. Father’s Day was wonderful, but Ava got her very first fever. I promise, this girl has never been warmer than 98 degree in her life, and 4 days to go she got a fever of 101. I mean, when I got her up from her nap she was burning to the touch. It was the weirdest thing I’ve felt in my life. And even weirder, because she has never had one, I just assumed it was because she was covered with her blanket during nap time. I gave her Tylenol anyway, but mainly because she’s been teething. The day went on as normal, and she didn’t complain. She wasn’t happy but she didn’t complain. Hours later, when we were done running around and back at my parents’ house for a Father’s Day cookout, I came into the house to find Ava laying with my mom on the couch. Ava didn’t lift her head or anything when I walked in, so I knew she was feeling bad. Again, she was burning up, and sure enough her temp was high.

This has continued through today, though her temp is between 99 and 100. She seems happier but I still feel bad for her. We see the tooth culprit coming in next to the first one, so we’re hoping it comes through without many more days of this, and without any ear infections. How awful would that be to celebrate your first birthday?

While caring for a sick baby, we’re trying to tie up the last details of Ava’s party. It’s been rough. But it will be great.

Thanks for bearing with me through the woes of teething. All you mamas and daddies out there know what I’m talking about! You want to know the funniest part? I thought we were in the clear when Ava got her first tooth with minimal symptoms. I thought they were bad, but she was mainly just fussy and achy. Never before feverish. Good grief.