Spring Fever

ahhhh, back at the blog!

it’s seriously been too long since my last post. four whole months! it’s not that i haven’t wanted to write, i just haven’t had the motivation. there are things in every day life that i need to be recording, but it takes so much effort. i’m hoping to get back into it, but i need to look forward to it, not just do it to check it off my list.

i wish i could say i’ve been super busy doing all these projects, working on documenting our lives in some fashion, or not spending 3+ hours a day watching our current tv shows on netflix (Once Upon a Time is our obsession right now), but i can’t. besides watching our shows (which we do after avie goes to bed), i’ve been spending time with the girl, playing castles, and teaching her to bake. she really really loves stirring, and starts giggling because she’s so proud of herself! she’s got quite the personality these days! HOWEVER…. even though i haven’t been “busy”, i do have a lot of things on my list that we are going to start working on here soon. take a look:

1. paint our kitchen cabinets
right now, our kitchen cabinets are a lovely wood color from the 70’s or so. i would love love love to paint them a nice off-white, and replace the hardware. just to update it a bit. if it were up to me, i would start priming them today, but the doors need to be taken off and sanded first. therefore, it must wait. no surprise projects for my husband, which are my favorite kind.

2. paint the window and door trims throughout the house
that same glossed-over wood that makes up the kitchen cabinets is in every room of the house. the doors, door frames, and window frames are all this color. i do not like it. out house would feel much more open if we painted these off-white as well. this would have to be done around the same time as the cabinets. maybe this spring!

3. paint the spare room, and maybe Ava’s room
spring just seems to be the time to get projects done. winter is too cold (-20ish yesterday… have i mentioned i am ready for spring????) and summer can be too hot. so here’s what i’m thinking for ava’s room and the spare room. first of all, i’m not sure if i want ava to stay in her room or to switch to the middle room. there are pro’s and cons to both. i would like to paint the middle room a mint color, and do chevron stripes on the left wall. there are no windows or doors on that wall, so it’s perfect. i would like to paint ava’s room as well, but i am not sure what color. maybe it will wait awhile. in the future, ava’s current room will be the nursery for another baby. if our next is a boy, the gray can stay, and we can accent with lime greens or teals. i think it will look better than the pinks did. if our next is a girl, then the walls will probably be a biege color, and accent with peaches.

4. hang our deer head
you read that right. i’ve allowed caleb to bring his deer head into this house. i told him i’d agree to let him hang it in the living room if we could find a tasteful way. so we looked on pinterest, and found a cute pallet idea. so he’s working on building that, and when it’s done we’ll hang it above the couch. then i haven’t decided if i want two symmetrical photos hung on either side of it, or if i want one large photo, and a collage of pictures on the other side.

5. move the dining room
we have a room in the back of the house that is just off the kitchen. it leads to the laundry room/garage, and has a nice door to the patio. it’s currently a playroom/catch all room. we don’t spend a lot of time back there because the living room has comfortable seating, and we can’t see ava and be comfortable if she’s in the playroom. our current “dining room” is the little nook between the living room and kitchen. it has windows, but is really only big enough for the teeny tiny table we have. we are hoping to get a table that seats 6 soon, so it makes sense to move the playroom to the nook, and move the dining room to the back room. i think it will look very nice once we get the table and add some decor. i’m very excited about this!

6. replace all blinds
we are still using the blinds that were in our house when we moved in. i would love to get some nice pull blinds (not the slats, but the fabric), but that’s lower on the list than all the hard labor jobs.

i really hope to get working on these projects very soon, and i’ll definitely post progress pics as we go! wish me luck as i dive into blogging again!