Update: Insanity Day 10

Just finished Insanity Day 10. I told you I would. It was rough: Pure Cardio.

Basically, after the warm ups and stretching, you do 15 or 20 minutes of 1-minute exercises, and boy are they brutal. No breaks given, just taken as needed. It’s got to be one of the hardest yet, and I’ve heard they get harder.

We survive by complaining and back talking Shaun T. Sorry man, it’s not personal.

After dipping out last night, Caleb and I felt so guilty, we decided to get up an hour earlier than usual to work it in before I headed to work… well, our alarms went off, he said “We’ve got to workout”… I said, “Yeah, I don’t think so.” And we didn’t.

We tried.


Did I mention that Caleb and I started the Insanity workout a little over a week ago? Yeah, bad timing. As if throwing a birthday party for a one year old while hosting 4-7 people in your house for 4 days isn’t enough, throw a 40 minute extreme cardio workout on top! Geez, we’re not the brightest.

Day 1 was the worst by far. Like, didn’t even make it through the fit test. It’s gotten better, and we actually made it through Day 8 with high motivation. The yesterday hit. Day 9. What happened? We were exhausted. Caleb felt like he’s getting sick, and I was just worn out. We decided to skip it and go to bed. I feel like we needed it, yet I also feel like we failed already at the same time. This can’t become a habit.

Today’s a new day, and we will get back at it refreshed. And not take any illegal breaks again. (I understand things happen, but seriously… no results if we don’t work for it) The main reason I’m posting this confession is so I’m held accountable to doing the workout tomorrow. I’ll report back.

My other motivation is a pair of pants that I’m dying to get into.