Mama = Party Planner

One job I hadn’t exactly imagined I’d take on when becoming a mama is party planner. Around Ava’s 7th month, I had the daunting realization that her first birthday was more or less around the corner. Even though it’s not going to be a royal ball or anything, I want to throw a nice, special party. I want to celebrate my baby, and give others the opportunity to as well. Not to mention I love any excuse to see our friends and families!

I’m a novice party planner to say the least. I have a million great ideas, but who knows how I expect all of them to work together. So the 5 months of preparation was needed. On top of Ava’s birthday, I have Father’s Day around the corner. And since men aren’t so easy to buy for… it’s going to take some work.

Have you ever tried to surprise your kid’s dad for Father’s Day? Or any other gift-giving occasion, for that matter. It’s really hard!

I can’t go into a whole lot of detail without divulging my great plan, but basically, while Caleb and I were at youth group last night, my mom came over and helped prepare the surprise. There’s more to do, so I’ll need to be super sneaky again, but I have a week and a half to get it done.

On another note, we are two weeks away from Avie’s first birthday, and 16 days until her party!! I still have several projects to finish, the food to finish planning, and the house and yard to keep in shape. Did I mention I haven’t gotten her birthday presents yet??

The good news is, the invitations are out and the RSVPs are rolling in! More good news, not only will Caleb’s family be coming all the way from Pennsylvania for Ava’s birthday, but our best friends and their 1-year-old daughter from Wisconsin are making the trip to Indiana as well! We are beyond excited that so many of the people we love dearly – both near and far – are coming to celebrate our little girl. We are truly blessed for such wonderful families and friends.

Ava party invite

This is Ava’s 1st birthday invitation. Isn’t it beautiful?? Our friend Jessie from the No. 18 Paper Co. created it and it’s perfect!