She’s ONE!!!!

Last Thursday, my little girl turned one. It seemed as though she grew up overnight, and now she’s a little person, on the verge of walking, and almost a puzzle master.

I’ll go into more detail on her birthday, her party, and the week I missed leading up to it later. Just as a preview though, it was filled with fevers, family, and lots of fun!

Here are some snapshots of my baby throughout her first year. I would love to add more, but there are just too many!

Newborn collage7 month collage6balloons*This last picture was taken by my friend Nellie. We had such a fun first birthday shoot! You can check out her photography here!


How in the world do you mamas fix your little girls’ hair?

Holy moly, I tried putting Ava’s hair in a little pony tail last night, and I could hardly get her to sit still long enough to get the hair ties in her hair! She may be six before we get the hang of this. I know some moms who create tutorials to teach people how to do their baby daughters’ hair, and frankly, that’s genius. Hello, some of us need help. The styles are so cute and age appropriate for tiny people, and I doubt I would have thought of (most of) them myself, so I’m definitely grateful for them… however, it still doesn’t help me solve the problem of putting pigtails on this child. Make a tutorial for that!

Here’s a taste of last night’s styling:

top knot

Oof, right? I also tried pigtails, but it was very lopsided. I didn’t leave enough hair for the second side, so the other pigtail was more straight out of the back of her head. But really, can you blame me for not measuring the hair better? It was cute and made me laugh, but I’ll need to work on it. I took a picture, but The Blur was in all of them.

On another note, I’ve been meaning all week to recount our day last Saturday, but I haven’t had the time to go through all the pictures I took. So hopefully tomorrow’s the day. Saturday was a good day, but it opened my eyes a bit to the kind of parents Caleb and I are, and the kind we need to be to go to the zoo.

Little Bird

We’re less than a month away from Ava’s first birthday–and her party. And every day that we get closer, I’m reminded that my baby is growing up and that I am in no way ready for her party. I’m actually more prepared than I feel, but it’s definitely daunting…

I have the basic theme and decorations decided, and my mother-in-law (bless her) has been diligently making rose streamers. I have bits and pieces of the decorations but I still have to assemble pretty much all of them. To top it off, I just decided on one last part of the decor… Birds.

Ava means “little bird,” and ever since we decided on her name, Little Bird has been a nickname. I was going over some party stuff in my head this past week, and kept thinking something was missing to the pink and teal theme. That’s when it hit me. Birds! They aren’t only adorable and very popular right now, but they are also super easy to incorporate into a mostly planned party. So this week I am off to the store to buy scrapbook paper, toothpicks, and string, and I will make bird streamers and other bird things. I can finally see the entire picture coming together, and I am so excited! I’ll post pictures of the whole party put together in just a few short weeks!