Fancy Restaurants & Aldi

I love my baby. And I love taking her places. I love shopping with her, and taking her on walks, and normally there’s no problem with doing just about anything I used to do pre-baby with her, but lately I’ve noticed two things I have come to dread if she’s along:

Fancy Restaurants and Aldi.

Let’s start with Fancy Restaurants. We went to dinner with a friend a few nights ago, and took Ava with us. To be fair, we didn’t know this was a fancy restaurant. I was there once for dinner before my Senior Prom, but that was 6 years ago. I should have remembered… I mean come on. Prom is fancy. Hello.

So we walked in, and I immediately turned around and whispered “This place is FANCY.” Inside, I was panicking, but I stayed cool (I think).  We were there to eat, so we were going to eat.

We went in and sat down, and I got Ava situated in her high chair with some yogurt bites, and things were okay. Things were okay until we ordered, and then she started yelling. She does that sometimes. Just yells. Mostly during dinner. She’s not upset about anything, just loud. No big deal, just give her a pouch. So I gave her a pouch of fruit–something, banana and beets. She inhaled it. Quiet for 5 minutes. Then the yelling. Have some toys. Another bit of quiet. Yelling. Finally, our food came, and I gave her some, which kept her busy for awhile, and then some more yelling. Good grief.

After awhile, all I could think about was getting out of there. I could just imagine people glaring at us, wondering why my child was yelling. They probably weren’t, but still. In my mind they already stoned me for interrupting their meals.

End of Fancy Restaurants forever. Until she learns manners.

Now on to Aldi, which was actually earlier last week. This was bound to happen eventually, but up until then, I hadn’t been grocery shopping with Ava solo. I’ve taken her to Wal-Mart before, for smaller-scale shopping, but never full-fledged grocery shopping.

I should have known it wasn’t going to be easy when I got a cart with no seat belt. I should have returned it, but it seemed like all of them were missing or broken, and I didn’t have the time or the hands to go through them all.

I went between holding her and pushing the cart one-handed, and making sure she stayed seated when in the cart. Either way was a struggle. I basically had one hand the whole time, which made bagging fresh fruits really difficult. Not to mention I couldn’t focus enough on why I was there to even take my list out of my purse, forgetting several main staples.

The absolute worst part of the trip, which is why I’m specifically saying I’ll never take her back to Aldi by myself, was checking out.

In order to get all my groceries onto the belt, I had to go to the back of the cart, obviously meaning I couldn’t leave Ava unbuckled and unattended at the front. I had to do it again one handed, with her “helping” remove each item I put down. A gracious woman offered to help, and I thought it was because she was a veteran new mom, and she was sympathetic… which still may be true, but afterwards I noticed she had like 5 items, and probably was in a hurry. Ava tried helping push all the buttons as I paid for my groceries, and fortunately the cashier thought she was adorable, because I was embarrassed and frustrated. Shopping shouldn’t be this hard. And have you tried bagging groceries yourself with a baby on your hip? Yeah, neither have I. I gave up trying and just went straight to the car. She went in her seat, and I could take care of the rest on my own. No help from baby. And with two hands.

I left Aldi and went to Wal-Mart to get the things Aldi didn’t have (along with the items I forgot the first time), and it was like a dream. So easy and smooth sailing. Not sure what made the difference, but it was by far much more enjoyable that Aldi.

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