Graduations and Celebrations

The other day, as I was looking over my Facebook news feed, I showed my hubs a picture of a kindergarten graduation.

“Since when do kids need a graduation ceremony to move to first grade?”

True, I don’t remember graduating from kindergarten. I don’t know when it all started, I told him.

“I don’t think it’s necessary.”

I don’t think I said much in response, but I don’t mind little graduations. I think they are cute.

But over the next day or so, I began noticing something. Ava started standing for brief periods. I’m talking 3 seconds. It was so exciting! The same day, Ava learned that if she holds a cheerio out, we will eat it out of her hand. We totally humor her and encourage this, but it’s so cute! If she sees a dog, she will “woof” at it. Totally impressive, and we show off her skills every chance we get.

And almost immediately, we try to get this all on camera or video, and share it with our family.

We are complete gushers when it comes to our daughter. The tiniest thing she does make us go through the roof with pride and joy, and we don’t hesitate to celebrate her picking up a piece of trash off the floor and attempting to put it in the trash can.

Of course kindergarten graduations are a big deal! You’ve just watched your baby grow up for 6 years! So much has been accomplished, and I’m sure it’s emotional. Just you wait, daddy-o, that day will come and you’ll be gushing once again.




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