When Daddy does bath time…

Last night, daddy took care of Ava’s bath time. Normally I do it, but as I was bringing the Naked Baby into the bathroom, she decided to relieve herself down the front of me. There was lots of laughter (we have gone 11.5 months without that happening… what are the odds?!), and then I plopped her in the tub under daddy’s supervision and went to change.

When I came back, this is what I found:

Bath time with daddy

“Hey! These foam letters stick to more than the tub walls!” and “I wonder how long I can leave those on her before she notices” were some of the comments coming from the bathroom, so of course I came prepared with my phone, ready to take pictures. She obviously didn’t mind, and they had fun.

The last picture there on the bottom is of Ava on her phone. Ring ring! “Hello, Ava?” She grabs her yellow foam 1 and holds it up to her ear and squeaks out the cutest little gibberish hello you’ve ever heard.

And that sums up bath time with daddy! When it was all said and done, we had one prune-y baby who was ready for bed.


  1. Marissa says:

    Anne and Caleb,
    You have the cutest, most beautiful little girl! It’s a blessing to read your blog — and seeing that adorable face! Thanks for writing. 🙂

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