How to soothe a teething baby

How to soothe a teething baby:

  1. You can’t.
  2. Nothing works.

But seriously, there are a few things that help Ava when her gums hurt, but no “cure-all” by any means. That would make parenting too easy, ha! Here are some of the techniques that we’ve used:

  • Cold/frozen teething ring – the cold numbs her gums and gives relief; however, it also numbs her lips and she only tolerates is for a short time
  • Cold washcloth – more gentle than the teether, so it may give relief longer. Ava also like sucking the cold water out of the washcloth. Not sure if she’s thirsty or if it feels good, but she’s content!
  • Baltic amber necklace – This is seriously awesome. It’s a natural way to make teething less painful… When the necklace touches warm skin, it releases Succinic Acid and reduces swelling.These come in necklace, bracelet, and anklet form, and are not to be chewed. You can find them on Bouncy Baby Boutique – this is where we bought Ava’s. It seems to work well, and she never messes with it. Best of all, we don’t need to use medicine! The biggest downside is that we have to take it off each time she goes down for a nap, because it is only supposed to be worn under supervision, and we often forget to put it back on her.
  • Tylenol – this is our go-to solution around bedtime. Ava gets especially fussy at night time, and it helps her sleep and sleep longer. Of course, if you have to do Tylenol, look for the dye-free version (they sell most places now, such at Target and Wal-Mart), and make sure you use the correct dosage for your baby.

Like I said, these help to an extent, but we haven’t found anything that works extremely long term. But I guess that’s just teething! Good thing they won’t remember it when it’s all over. It just stinks to see them so uncomfortable.


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