The Teething Monster

For those of you with babies who already have their first tooth, you know what to expect. Heck, I thought I knew what to expect too! I’ve read so many articles about teething, but for some reason it still caught me off guard.

Teeth appear for different babies at different ages… most around 4-7 months. So, as my baby reached 4 months, I began “seeing” symptoms of teething, like drooling, chewing and fussiness.

“Oh, she must be teething.”

I said this for about 6 months before I noticed the change. Even when you think you know what you’re looking for, actual teething is about 1,000,000 times worse. Those “symptoms” I saw before turned out to be just normal baby behavior. That’s a first time mom for ya!

About a month ago, Ava, who is now 11 months old, really began teething. She’s easily irritated at times. She uses my shoulder as a chew toy. The drool just flows from her mouth. It’s disgusting. Side note: she also just learned to give kisses. Adorable, but slimy and kinda gross. Trouble sleeping is another one of those symptoms I heard about back around 4 months, and I assumed Ava was just exempt from that. Psh. Nope. Our perfect sleeper has been having multiple-times-a-night scream fests. Thankfully it didn’t take us long to realize that¬†precautionary Tylenol helped us all sleep better.

And what makes it all worse, is there are still no teeth. You can see a few just hanging out below her gum line, but they are just sitting there, torturing her. In fact, I started doubting her teeth were the problem!

Then I Googled teething babies. First of all, poor things! There are so many images of crying babies with red gums with 5+ teeth below the gum line at once. Which brings me to my next symptom I didn’t fully comprehend before: when the baby sources say babies will have red, swollen gums, they need to 1) include pictures and 2) point out that you can usually see the teeth below the gums! There’s no way I would have imagined that my baby’s gums could look like that. Yet there they are…

Teething Baby

It’s a bit hard to see here, but she’s got two bumps on the bottom. Poor girl. Someone told me that because she’s getting her first teeth at such an old age, that she will probably get several all at once. Which seems easier on babies… one or two at a time or 4+?

Stay tuned for my thoughts on how to make the teething monster a little more bearable.

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